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Now, more than ever, the voice of early care and education is critical not only in Washington, D.C but also in capital cities and communities across the southeast.  RIVHSA represents the unified voice of the regional Head Start community to legislators in support of policies, initiatives and partnerships that positively impact our regional HS/EHS community. 

Fundraising is fundamental to our advocacy work, and we need your help. RIVHSA’s Child Advocacy Fund (CAF) campaign supports advocacy activities designed to move forward public policy agendas at the state and national level through public campaigns, civic education, informational materials, outreach and other exercises.  All campaign proceeds are used to support advocacy activities not association operating budgets.  Our regional campaign goal is to raise one dollar for every funded enrollment slot in Region IV, and RIVHSA engages the active participation of its affiliates in the annual campaign drive.  Get involved today! 
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At each level, RIVHSA works diligently to increase the understanding and support for HS/EHS among policymakers and the public through a wide range of education, advocacy, and public awareness activities such as a regional a public policy agenda, engaging government affairs experts, Capitol Hill visits, sign on letters, position papers, issue forums, as well as regular collaboration with the National Head Start Association on strategic initiatives.

RIVHSA has worked hard to develop a legislative agenda that is aligned with NHSA objectives and gives a voice to the most important issues facing regional HS/EHS programs. Our legislative agenda is position driven and nonpartisan in approach. 
Public Policy Agenda

Whenever there are issues related to Head Start for which there are controversial or critical opinions, the RIVHSA Board of Directors adopts position statements to voice its perspective, opinion, or position.  RIVHSA’s Board of Directors, comprised of representation from each state affiliate, develops the statements through a consensus-building approach in an effort to convene diverse perspectives and areas of expertise related to the issue. 
​President Obama's ECE Initiative (Approved 6/6/14 by RIVHSA Board of Directors)

As a show of support for actions or policy, RIVHSA will join a coalition of like-minded organizations by signing on to an existing document outlining a specific position.